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Falkland Youth Group

We are excited to announce that we will be resuming youth group for kids in grades 5-8 (2020/2021) this summer in the form of an ALL SUMMER long program! You will be able to earn points by competing in challenges, completing activities and searching for hidden point filled objects around town! 


Every Tuesday we will have 3 time slots where youth from Falkland can come to the community church parking lot to compete in individual Minute to Win it challenges! You will get points for participating and points for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place. There will be a story and a fun quiz for points! For more information on how we will be doing this "gathering" safely and under the restrictions from the government during COVID-19, click HERE!

Take Home Bag:

Each week at the challenge you will receive a bag to take home that will be filled with a variety of things that could change from week to week! There will be crafts, treats, crosswords, word searches and other activities! Certain things in this bag will get you points if completed! 

At the end of the summer you will be able take your points and use them to buy prizes! You can sign up and choose your time slot!

Dates, Time Slots & How To Sign Up!

We will run every Tuesday from July 7th-August 18th! 

Time slots will be as follows: 


You can pick the time slot that works best for you when you sign up! Keep in mind that we are only taking 10 kids at a time and can not go over that limit, so sign up quick to get the time that you want! These events are FREE!


You can sign up for the Falkland Youth Group Summer program HERE!

    Falkland Youth Group