Faith Mission Falkland

Skills Groups

During camp, each camper will choose either two or three different skills groups. Here are the some of the available choices!  

Outdoor Cooking
Campers get the opportunity to learn how to make doughboys, bush-pies, and s'mores over an open fire! 


Learn how to use a compound bow and participate in competitions to better your skill! 


Survival Skills
Learn essentials for survival in the outdoors by building a fire, building a shelter, and using a compass! 


Build your own rocket and watch it soar into the sky from the launch pad! 

RC Cars
Race our remote control cars on our race track that was built to challenge your driving ability! 

Come play a variety of different sports like basketball, soccer, volleyball or outdoor ball hockey with your friends! 

Every year is different! 

Test your aim with one of our pellet guns!

Test your drama skills in a performance at the end of the week!