Faith Mission Bible Camp and Retreat Centre

Skills Groups

During camp, each camper will choose three different skills groups. Here are the some of the choices available.  

Swimming/ Water Games

Want to spend some extra time in the pool? Then this is the skill group for you. Spend time working on your swimming and also play some water games.

Outdoor cooking

Join this group to learn how to cook the perfect s'more and other outdoor camp favourites.  Campers in this group will also learn essential skills for making a good camp fire.


Learn archery basics and work on perfecting your aim. You'll have the opportunity to take part in target competitions. The winner gets the chance to brag about being the best shot at camp. 

Survival Skills

This was the new skill from 2015. It included a range of survival skills helpful in staying alive in the Canadian wilderness. Learn how to use a compass and try to find the treasure.


These neat rockets will fly 1,000 feet into the air. That's way up there!! Campers will spend time building the rockets, painting them  and getting ready for launch day. Be aware, most times we are able to launch the rockets, but every once in a while we have to cancel the launch because of weather conditions. You still get to take your rocket home though.

RC Cars

Come try and race our RC cars. Step up onto the drivers stand, grab the controller and see if you can set the fastest lap time. It's harder than it looks, so be prepared for some crashes along the way.


Want to spend some extra time playing sports? Sign up for this skill and you'll spend time playing a wide range of sports. Dodge ball, Basketball or soccer to name a few.


Depending on our staff, sometimes we offer a craft skill. All the supplies will be provided to create your fabulous masterpiece. Then at the end of the week, take home your treasure for all to see and admire.