Faith Mission Bible Camp and Retreat Centre

So you are coming to camp?  
That's great! Below is a list of things to bring that will make your camp experience more enjoyable. There is also a list of things, some that are fun but please don't bring them to camp. 
Here at Faith Mission Bible Camp we are amazed at what the campers forget to bring to camp and by the things that get left behind. 
Please avoid bringing valuables or sentimental items to camp. Please make sure that personal belongings are clearly marked. Each year,  a number of clothes get left behind. If your child comes home without something, give us a call, we will try to find whatever may have been misplaced.



Make sure that you bring clothes that are suitable for all the varied camp activities. Clothing should be modest and non revealing. They must be free of obscene or offensive logos & designs. Camp tends to be a dusty, sometimes muddy experience with regular doses of camp food and a pinch of campfire smoke. It's recommended that you send older clothes with your kids. Keep your good clothes good at home:)

Swim suit

No bikinis. If that is all a camper brings, we will ask them to put a t-shirt over their swim suit.

Indoor & outdoor footwear



Towel and toiletries

Soap, toothbrush, etc

Water Bottle

A refillable one, clearly marked with the campers name (if they own one). 



If you have one, please bring it. If not, we have some to give to the campers.

Note book & pen