Faith Mission Bible Camp and Retreat Centre

Staff application info

So you want to be on staff? 

Great! We are always looking for new staff. Be sure to read the important information below. In the summer, we have three main positions that people can sign up for. Being on the camp staff can be harder than it seems. We will be pleased to give lots of support, guidance and encouragement. 


Crew is normally where most young people start. This position is primarily assisting with practical jobs that are essential to camp running smoothly. This job entails

  1. Dining room setup and cleanup
  2. Doing dishes and other kitchen prep
  3. General maintenance
  4. Helping run the evening games
It might not sound the most glamorous, it's not;) It's a good place to start and learn foundational skills that will be invaluable as you transition to other roles at the camp. Please note, first timers can only sign up for one week of crew. To apply  click here for the form.

Junior Counsellor 

Junior counsellor is a starting place for young people to begin counselling. It could be seen as an apprentice type position designed to give you hands on experience in counselling without being overwhelmed with all the responsibility. Training will be given beforehand to cover basic counselling task. Topics include,

What is expected of Junior counsellors.
Assisting with skills groups.
Leading cabin devotions.
How to survive on very little sleep!!
Maintaining your own devotions in busy camp life.

Due to the spiritual responsibilities that come with being a counsellor, applicants must have a personal relationship with God, and must get a reference from a pastor/ church elder or youth leader.

To apply click here for the form

Senior Counsellor 

Senior counsellor is the role you transition to after you have learnt the ropes as a Junior counsellor. It comes with more responsibility and leadership opportunities.
To apply click here for the form