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Each fall we host our annual ladies retreat. These retreats have been a blessing to the many ladies that have attended over the years. All ladies are welcome to attend. You may be curious why there are dates for two weekends. Because of the number of ladies who attend, we run the same program over the two consecutive weekends. So pick which weekend suits you best and RSVP. 

Part of our vision for ministry is to support and encourage growth amongst Christians and local churches. As part of the vision we have no formal cost for the ladies retreat. Our reason for this is to encourage as many ladies to benefit from the teaching and fellowship of this retreat. We encourage you to come and to invite other ladies to attend as well. 
For those who want to join with us in covering the expenses for the weekends, there will be opportunity to give throughout the weekend.  
Registering is mandatory, and we encourage early registration to make sure you are able to get the weekend of your choosing. Also early registration makes our life a lot easier.

For 2017 the dates of the retreat are 
October 13-15
October 20-22
We run the same program each weekend so choose the one that works best for you.

This year we are pleased to have our very own Mrs Janice Evans as our keynote speaker. As you may know Janice works with the Faith Mission in Canada. Janice and her husband Kevin are the Camp Centre managers. You can read the rest of Janice's bio on the application form.
When registering you have a number of options.

1. Register Online.

This is probably the simplest way to register. 

Click here, fill out all the fields, click submit. 
You will be sent a confirmation email, letting you know that we have received your application. 


2. Printable application form.

Click here to get a printable application form. 
The steps are as follows
Print off the complete form,
Fill in all the fields
Mail back the form.

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